Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Joy!

In the spirit of holiday cheer, there are things synonymous with this season.  We all choose to spread a little "Christmas Joy" in our own way.  Since, this is the season of giving.......I wanted to share a few inspired yet, traditionally unique ideas to make the season bright!

Cookies for Santa!

What Santa doesn't like a sweet treat awaiting them when they arrive at the home of a child who still believes, as well as any adult who just needs an excuse to treat themselves!

Chocolate covered Oreo's made by a wonderful Savvy Bride Guru!
The Grinch inspired chocolate chip cookies

Gingerbread House

Now, one day I will make one of these that stays together and is edible.  Gingerbread houses can be as simple or as elaborate as time permit.  However, I find it amazing the effort put in making these homes. Talk about your attention to detail! Can we say "An Architect In The Making."  I would like to see one interior decorated!

Holiday Drinks

Getting in the spirits with spirits! Oh, what fun it is to wrap gifts with a cocktail or two!  Just make sure you put the right name on the gift.  Here are two holiday cocktails to get your Christmas Eve going!

Beautifully Festive: Sparkling Apple Cider, Cranberry Vodka, Frozen Cranberries & Orange Triple Sec

Hot Butter Rum - Recipe:

How do you spend your Christmas Eve?  Do you stay up late wrapping gifts and playing Christmas music? 

However, you do spend it...............Make it festive!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Wow, only 5 more days until Christmas!  I am in the holiday spirit and I hope you are too!  Just in case you're not, here are some cool Christmas decor ideas to get your home ready!  Once, your space is decorated you have no choice but to begin to feel the spirit of Christmas!

 Decorating can be fun and should be fun.  You can add as little or as less as you like.  There is no right way to bring the spirit of Christmas into your home.

Adding homemade touches always make the season brighter!  Bringing the outside in with cones is a wonderful way to spruce up your decor.  Maybe even placing cinnamon sticks around to get your senses going!
No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, keep it simple and always do what makes you feel great!  Spread joy and love this holiday season and give with design in mind!
Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In The Spirit of Christmas

It's that time of year again to bring about good cheer!

Every year I try to add a little something extra of myself with every card. This year, I created flower ornaments that can be hung on your tree or on your clothes! The Christmas season always seem to bring about spontaneous creativity for me. I hope it does the same to for you. Since, my Christmas card list continues to grow each year it can get a little pricey buying personal cards for each indivdual. Therefore, I find the best box card set that's to my liking and add a little extra touch to it, you know.....make it your own! Take a look and Happy Holiday's!

2012 Christmas Cards with ink stamped envelopes

Ink stamped inside of card & attached ornament with decorative tape

Items created and used to assemble cards

How do you plan to wish others Happy Holiday's this season?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Your Space Inspired by You!

Looking for a little inspiration to help you to become creative in today's economy.  Then, let's begin at home by creating spaces in your home that will inspire you.  Take one room at a time and make it a place that rejuvenates you each day!  My living room helps me to relax from a hard days work.  I sit here and the stressful work day is washed away! 

Get inspired with me and begin your inspiration space!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Wallpaper Can Do Wonders To A Space!

Out with that old idea of hideous wallpaper.  Wallpaper has surely changed over the years, with great viberant patterns and custom designs. You now can transform a space into a beautiful designed space with just a touch of wallpaper.  Take a look at some splendid ideas!

 I do advise you to not go overboard but have fun with it!

Get inspired!  Grab one room and make a go of it this weekend.  Select a gorgeous wallpaper design and wallpaper just one wall in that room, step back and see how it makes you feel!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Come in and have a seat!

Bench seating has come a long way from being the furniture piece outdoors or the common restaurant seating.  Now, you can add bench seating into your home in dynamic ways.  Bench seating can be added to your eating area, it can be used as a stand along piece as well as a hall piece.  Have fun with it and be inspired in the process! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Contemplating Spring Design Before It Has Sprung!

How about a little Spring ideas to get us through the Winter!

Yes, it is still winter but the first sign of spring is popping up all over the place. I am talking about pillows with shapes of petals sewn onto them, creating an extremely plush and fun floral accessory. It's a look to remind us of the season of rebirth, renewal and growth. 

Add square petal pillows to furniture with curved lines. The pillows add extraordinary texture in a plush but delicate way. 

Petal pillows can be picked up through a variety of retailers, and they range in shape, size, colors, materials and price

Try felt petal pillows for a cozy, casual look that resembles a bevy of flowers gathered together. The natural tones of the wool felt adds tons of yummy texture without being loud. They look almost furry — perfect for a sofa.

If floral pillows don't do it for you then adding color and touches of real flowers to remind you of spring this winter will excite your senses and give you something to look forward to!  Happy Designing!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Designs Ideas for 2012


2012 brings forward old ideas remodeled according to new trends, effortless elegance, vivid colors, striking and out of the ordinary combinations and contrasts. This year, we should all embrace colors that we wouldn’t normally associate, combine intense shades with balancing tones and think out of the box, giving our home a brand new personality.

Dare to celebrate neon shades, using fluorescent green, yellow or pink, delivering thus new accent elements to your freshly decorated interior. Since these powerful colors tend to draw attention, combine them with neutral shades such as white and gray that will soften the visual impact. The striking atmosphere thus achieved will definitely be one of a kind.

Make up elegant color combinations like black and gray, black and silver, light blue and gray, emerald and white, gold and white, orange and gray, lavender and white, tan and black. You can also mix styles, using a minimalist interior with accent furniture elements, like an art nouveau armchair in neutral, natural colors (black leather, cinnamon or brown velvet).

And in the end, if none of this works for you then, just be sure to invite your own uniqueness into your space.  By doing so, you will always have a place that you'll enjoy!