Friday, January 4, 2013


(Design It Yourself)

As we welcome the year 2013 and begin contemplating a new perspective on the coming days and months.  Let's indulge our creative side further.  With the economy ever so changing, the concept of purchasing expensive manufactured items begin to become out of reach for most.  Therefore, the need to become more decor creative is a necessity!  I'm beginning my list of DIY ideas;  to add more personalized sophisticated decor to my space.  I look forward to sharing my finished projects with you throughout the course of this year!

Here are a few DIY ideas that are on my list to tackle;

Rejuvenation of an old chair

The theme of the chair has been thought of and the fabric purchased.  Now the search is on for the right chair to bring back to life.  I will be on the hunt, prowling through yard sales, vintage stores, and other bargain driven treasure shops for that diamond in the rough! 

My ideal chair in search of and this nest bird fabric will be used.


Personalized Wall Decor

I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest as Christmas Decor.  I have an idea that is currently under way to make it into a piece that can be displayed on the wall all year around!  Progress is being made on this one.  The letters have been stained and the accessories spray painted.  Can't wait to reveal the finish project!

DIY project found on Pinterest.  Working on my own version now.

Featured Mirror

I've always wanted a statement mirror use as a focal point.  But, never could get myself to spend statement mirror money for it.  Therefore, I decided to design one myself.  The idea of having a one of a kind treasured piece is exciting!  This project will be a process but, I am looking forward to accomplishing them all!

Sunburst Mirror (my inspiration)

I'm excited about my "Design It Myself" New Year.   With a little luck, time and persistence I will end up with beautiful well crafted and designed finished pieces!  What are your design plans for 2013?