Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 New Year Aspiration!

What's Your Aspirations for 2012?

As we prepare to say Au revoir to 2011 and Bonjour to 2012, we begin to think about things to accomplish throughout the coming Year.  This is what some may call a New Year's Resolution, I'm call it my New Year's Aspiration!

In 2012, I strive to blog at least "Once" a week about every, anything and all things 'DESIGN."  I'm designating Sunday's to put together a design piece big or small to share and inspire others.  Therefore, look out for new blog updates every Sunday beginning the New Year.

Design by Allie, is wishing you a New Year full of creativity and inspiration!  Be Inspired in 2012!

Beautiful Bright Colors for Inspiration

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