Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wall Panels

Thinking of sprucing up a room or two and want to do more than just add paint and picture?  Here's an option, Wall Panels!  They can be used as a headboard feature on as a design on the wall to section off an area.  The ideas can be plenty, just let your mind explore!

These are intricate wall panels that look like elegant fabrics

 These are faux leather wall panels made with unique leather that has the advantages of fireproofing and pro-environmental functionality.  Can be used in multiple applications

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  1. Wall panels seem to be the better choice nowadays over wallpapers. Aside from these magnificent ideas, more DIY projects and classic panel designs can be found everywhere. You can choose to install original wall panel frames, beadboards, vinyl panels, tiles, or even stencils. The trick to producing wonderful panels is to be creative and innovative.

    Rodney Orton